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SPECIALTY FITTERS partnered with a gas supply organization in designing, building, and installing a VSA Oxygen Generation System as well as bulk liquid oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen on behalf of a company producing bio ethanol. A manufacturer recovering environmental waste and turning it into advanced biofuel. The versatility of this process allows facilities to be built anywhere, essentially providing renewable energy and employment in rural areas.  


Renewable power is one example of how technology in the industrial gas industry is growing and changing. Specialty Fitters is implementing new technology and services as they partner with facilities on the cutting edge of advanced systems.                               



Specialty Fitters professionally builds and installs safe and efficient high purity specialty gas systems.  These systems meet and exceed the rigorous standards required by high-tech industrial, and  research facilities.  

  • Custom installation and fabrication of all types of high-purity systems, panels and cabinets, and trailers
  • In -house or on-site fabrication of modular skid mounted systems
  • Cost effective, high purity stainless steel tubing and components 
  • Certified precision TIG, and Orbital welding ensuring high purity resolutions
  • Rigorous third party testing. Documentation of welding procedures and results


Master Valves Overhead_opt.jpg

Specializing in turn-key vacuum-jacketed cryogenic distribution systems. Servicing all phases from concept, design, fabrication, and installation. 

  • Building and installing piping systems for liquid cryogen applications
  • Maximizing product conservation and profitability with state-of-the-art frost free vacuum insulated piping
  • Servicing systems requiring fixed and portable liquid cryogen storage, bulk tank storage, vaporizers, pressure control manifolds, and customer use stations
  • Designing and building skidded systems
  • Repairing and rebuilding cryogenic tanks, tubes, and equipment
  • Testing and certification
  • cost analysis of current system vs. new vacuum-jacketed system with payback documentation


Specialized installation services for all gas generation plants & equipment

  • Fill plant facilities
  • Facilities requiring updates, new construction, or relocating systems
  • Servicing gas generation facilities, on-site liquid and gaseous storage, and related distribution systems
  • Installing bulk gas customer supply stations
  • Custom built manifolds & equipment for the fill plant industry


We specialize in providing services to all facets of the healthcare, veterinarian, and research industry. Applications such as respiratory and life support systems, medical freezing, laser surgery, oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, nitrous oxide, medical air, and vacuum systems

  • Installing bulk gas supply stations and piping systems in hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Optimizing systems to meet and exceed current NFPA 99 codes, regulations and third party certifications
  • Designing and building custom pressure/flow control manifolds, panels, and alarm systems



“I will say that I have never worked with a more competent construction team than SFI. The quality of their work is outstanding. Their work ethic and safety are the best. With SFI installing the plant we get the quality of work that can not be matched. I look forward to working with them again.”
— Carl Dodgion, Startup Engineer